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Greek Corner
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Neroupoli, the Greek water-city

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The 1st Steering Group meeting of the project "Civil Society in Action for Sustainable Development" was held on 20/09/2016 in the Makhzoumi Foundation premises, in Beirut, with the participation of all partners and primal aim to establish a common framework of understanding and communication for the project. This is actually a kind of continuation of the previous AFKAR II Project, led also by the Makhzoumi Foundation in Lebanon having MIO/MEdIES as partner. The current Project falls under “AFKAR III - Reinforcing human rights and democracy in Lebanon – Active citizenship – Increase active citizenship”, supported by the EU and managed by the Ministry of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR). Makhzoumi Foundation is leading the project and apart from MIO/MEdIES, ALMEE (Lebanese Association for Energy Saving and for Environment) and Armadilla /Italy are partners as well.

The agenda items discussed in the meeting were the following:

  • Documentary about the previous AFKAR III project “Lebanese Youth as Messengers for Sustainability.”
  • Introduction of the Project and Partners
  • Elaboration on the activities of the Project and work plan of the first year
  • Role of each Partner
  • Administrative issues

Vicky Malotidi and Vassilis Psallidas represented MIO-ECSDE and MEdIES in the meeting.

The Project aims at fostering socio-economic sustainable development in the West, Mid and North Bekaa regions of Lebanon, through raising public awareness, empowering people’s capacities and skills, and enhancing energy efficiency solutions in the communities. It covers different levels of interventions – awareness raising, education, vocational training and other services.

MEdIES has undertaken the delivery of a survey to 30 selected schools from the Bekka region targeting young people aged 15-18 years having as main scope the capturing the youth’s perceptions on current issues related to sustainable development in their region, as well as their visions for future.  In this framework, on September 21 a meeting solely dedicated to the elaboration of the draft questionnaire prepared by MEdIES took place.

Next step is the validation of the amended draft questiuonnaire by a group of external evaluators from the field of ESD and social research.


Snapshots from the meeting















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