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The project entitled “Lebanese Youth as Messengers for Sustainability” fosters a culture of sustainability among the Lebanese children and young, their families and the local communities, in order to enhance a sustainable development in the country and sustainable relationships in the Mediterranean region.

The Project deals with four different dimensions of sustainable development, in a wider framework of promoting the empowerment of citizens contributing as such to socio-economic development and better living conditions. They are: i) the important role of the education ii) the values of citizenship and civic engagement to be enhanced among people, iii) the cultural and ethical dimensions of sustainable development, iv) the local and global dimension of sustainable development.


Workshops on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) addressing teachers, March-April-June 2014:

The projects aims at integrating Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Environmental Education (EE) in the Lebanese school curricula. That highlights the role of the education for the promotion of sustainable development in Lebanon. Indeed, Lebanese citizens need to learn their way to sustainability to create solutions and find new paths to better living conditions and a better future. The education is considered one of the most effective forces to bring about the changes in knowledge, values, behaviour and lifestyles required to achieve sustainability and stability within and among the communities.

Three workshops have been held througout the country to improve capacities of teachers to integrate ESD and EE in the school education, through acquiring the most adequate methodologies and teaching methods. The participants were selected according to their capacity of transferring the acquired knowledge and skills to other colleagues in their schools, to enhance the impact and sustainability of the Project.

The first workshop was held in Beirut in 28th-29th of March and 4th-5th of April 2014. Representatives of the  Ministry of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) visited the activity. The last day the participants received Certificate of Attendance.

Download the workshop's agenda.

View below snapshots of the training:

In next period, two more workshops were held in Bekaa, Lebanon. Here are some snapshots of the workshop.

The third and last workshop for teachers was held in Qualamoun on 24-27 June and it was addressed to teachers coming from the Tripoli area. This workshop has completed the first phase of the Action, directed to train teachers of intermediate schools on methodologies and teaching methods of the Environmental Education and Education of Sustainable Development.

Around 60 teachers participated to the three workshops and several school Directors and Coordinators also attended, in order to strengthen the impact of the initiative at school level.The Action’s partners are actually working to the preparation of a TOOLKIT, including supportive educational tools for teachers and students. The scope of the toolkit is enhancing the practical capacities of the teachers to teach about Education for Sustainable Development, as well as supporting a more direct understanding and awareness of the concepts of Sustainable Development among the students, enabling those to transform theory into practice.



The project Lebanese Youth as Messengers for Sustainability is led by the Makhzoumi Foundation and consortium partners include also OMSAR, CERD, ALMEE, MIO-ECSDE (through MEdIES), and ARMADILLA.


The Project falls under “AFKAR III”, the Programme supported by the EU and managed by the Ministry of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) which is engaged with the civil society organizations, in consolidating respect for human rights and socio economic development.

Read more on the project :



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