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Background of "Waste in our life"

The current English educational material is actually the updated and enriched version of the first Greek material prepared by MIO-ECSDE, which was targeted to Greek educators and students of secondary level. The pilot implementation of this material in several high schools in Greece during 2003 and 2004 gave useful input for amendments. The translated first draft was prepared in English in 2004.

Further to a wide e-mail consultation for the elaboration the English version, 23 experts of the MEdIES Task Group met in order to discuss and work on its revision. These experts, many of which represented NGOs, made concrete comments and suggestions for improvements, and proposed resources referring to waste management in their countries, in order to move to a ?Mediterranean-wide? background resource, including waste topics and examples of the entire region. All this material was collected, assessed and incorporated in the original draft, resulting to LEARNER?s BOOK. Meanwhile a set of supplementary guidelines for the educators was developed to support them during activity implementation (EDUCATOR?s BOOK).

Therefore, ?Waste in our life? in this thoroughly revised and enlarged edition attempts to serve as an appropriate tool to facilitate formal and non-formal educators engaged in EE & ESD programmes, who work with the -not so attractive- topic of wastes, providing background information and knowledge resources, a collection of pedagogic activities, as well as methodology guidelines. Art Direction: Oxy creative team

Collaborating experts & NGOs: Ms Dhurata Bozo (PPNEA), ALBANIA * Mr Mohamed Mahmoud El-Sayed (AOYE), EGYPT * Mr George Cingal (EEB), FRANCE * Ms Bessie Mantzara & Mr Dimitris Papadopoulos (MIO-ECSDE), GREECE * Ms Dafna Gan (SPNI), ISRAEL * Ms Patrizia Bonelli, (Italia Nostra); Ms Romina Bicocci (LEGAMBIENTE), ITALY * Mr Ziyad Alawneh (LHAP), JORDAN * Mr Malik Ghandour (AMWAZ), LEBANON * Mr Mohamed Ftouhi & Mr Abdelghani Maroufi (CMEPE), MOROCCO * Mr Antonio Eloy (Amigos da Terra), PORTUGAL * Mr Milan Vogrin (DPPVN), SLOVENIA * Mr Angel Juarez , Ms Marta Puigdomenech (MEDITERRANIA), SPAIN * Ms Amina Arfaoui (ADPE), Mr Ameur Zeridi & Mr Youssef Nouri (APNEK), TUNISIA * Ms Serap Basol (GSEL), TURKEY.

The publication of “Waste in our Life” was made possible through the support of the Commission of the European Union DG Environment.


(PDF  FILE 2.1 MB)

Part I: Theory

1. Household waste management

1.1 Quantity

1.2 Composition

1.3 Hazardous waste
1.3.1 Hazardous household waste

1.3.2 Hazardous waste generated by professional activities
1.3.3 Used batteries

1.4 Household waste disposal and management
1.4.1 Waste collection methods
1.5 Disposal of bulky waste
1.5.1 Construction & demolition waste

1.5.2 End-of-life vehicles
1.5.3 Electric and electronic appliances

1.6 Problems arising from improper household waste management

1.7 Legal & policy frameworks on household waste management in the Mediterranean


2.Waste recycling

2.1 Recycling of paper

2.2 Recycling of glass

2.3 Recycling of aluminium

2.4 Recycling of tinplate cans and other steel products

2.5 Recycling of plastic


3. Product packaging

3.1 Types of packaging

3.2 Packaging materials/composite packaging

3.3 Problems related to packaging & ways to cope with them



Part II: Activities




The Mediterranean within the environmental and the educational context

Why focus on wastes

Students? ideas relating to waste issues

3.7 Constructing physical models


Annex: Behaviour change models

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