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Greek Corner
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Neroupoli, the Greek water-city

MARLISCO exhibition


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Animation4Water 2019 activities completed!

The core of the project "Animation4Water" is raising of awareness of the Mediterranean youth on the challenge of water vunluerability due to climate change and the opportunities that the 'non-conventional' water resources (NCWR) using the short video animation tools and a story-board exhibition . The exhibition of the story-boards and animations were accompanied with training activities for educators and hands-on activities for the youth (see more below on the events).

The project started in 2017, with the collaboration among:

- The Department of Graphic Design and Visual Communication of the School of Applied Arts and Culture of University of Western Attica (UoWA), and in particular the Animation Course professors Dr. E. Mouri and Dr. S. Siakas, who promoted the water topics for the year 2017; So, the students' projects for the course of Animation were dedicated to showcase the water vunlerability, climate change and NCWRs in Greece, and the Mediterranean, in general. To this end, they made a relavant desk study and introduced to the issue by Prof Scoullos (see below)

- The UNESCO Chair and Network on Sustainable Development Management and Education in the Mediterranean of the University of Athens. Prof Scoullos was a guest lecturer to the University of Western Attica.

- The Energy & Water Agency of Malta, who hosted at the Għajn National Water Conservation Awareness Centre, the English version of the Exchibition and supported the related awareness raising events,

- GWP-Med, providing advice and expertise,

- MIO-ECSDE/MEdIES being the coordinator of the project.

The Animation4Water Exchibition

The Exhibition that has been produced in two languages, ENG and GR, and consists of:

• 4 posters - 70x100 cm -about the World Water Day and the exhibition.

• 30 student’s posters - 50x70 cm, with the storyboards of the animations (see below).

• 8 appealing and creative video clips (animations) simulating environmental concerns around water and climate change challenges: freshwater over-consumption and shortage, water resources pollution, technology and science opportuniies, NCWRs, etc.

Technical information: The set up of the Exhibition needs a space of about 50 m2, equipped with benches or tables. The animations need a projection machine -projector, projection screen, laptop or PC, with connected speakers.

The Events

All events organized in the context of the 2019 World Water Day themed "Leave no-one behind".More particularly:


In May, the exhibition was presented in teachers trainings and in public schools where students and teachers watched the videos, went through the storyboards and participated in hands-on awareness raising activities. Totally, 773 students and 65 teachers participated.


The exhibition was hosted at GHAJN Center the National Water Conservation Awareness Centre during the open weekend 24-29 April 2019, where~ 643 visitors took part in guided tours in the Exchibition and were handed the project's bookmarks . See more here:http://medies.net/articles.asp?cID=8&aID=1301

The project received support from the EU LIFE+ through the Operating Grant for NGOs for MIO-ECSDE

For more information contact:

Vassilis PSALLIDAS: info[@]medies.net, psallidas[@]mio-ecsde.org ++30 210 3247 490 (ext. 201)

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