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Greek Corner
MEdIES in the GAP Partner Network 1

Neroupoli, the Greek water-city

MARLISCO exhibition


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Information Bulletin No 62, 01 October 2019 (July-August – September)



1. Projects & Events

A. UNESCO GAP Conference on ESD Ha Noi, Viet Nam, 2 - 5 July 2019

B. Summer University, Central Balkan Biosphere Reserve, Bulgaria, 21 - 28 July 2019

C. The UNECE Ad Hoc Group meeting for ESD 2030, Nicosia, Cyprus, 27-28 September 2019

2. Material & ICTs

A. “Ghajn’s” brochures printed and available for visitors!

B. MEdIES’ webpage under reconstruction

3. Other News

MARLISCO exhibition hosted by the Athens Municipality


1. Projects & Events

A. UNESCO Global Forum and GAP Meeting on ESD, Ha Noi, Viet Nam, 2 - 5 July 2019

The Annual Meeting of the GAP Partners took place, back-to-back with the Global Forum on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Global Citizenship Education (GCED), from 2 to 5 July 2019 in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, organized by UNESCO, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Training of Viet Nam and the Viet Nam National Commission for UNESCO. The Forum focus was "Learning and Teaching for Peaceful and Sustainable Societies: From early childhood to primary and secondary education". The Forum presented the outcomes of the UNESCO study on how “The three learning dimensions of ESD and GCED (cognitive, socio-emotional and behavioral) are reflected in curricula at all levels of schooling in a select number of countries” understanding trends, identifying major gaps and challenges and highlighting innovative approaches. Furthermore the GAP Partners’ meeting reviewed achievements and challenges of Key Partners since the beginning of the GAP (2015), and discussed also the follow up “ESD for 2030” framework. Prof. Scoullos actively participated in both events. More information here

B. Summer University, Central Balkan Biosphere Reserve, Bulgaria, 21 - 28 July 2019

MIO-ECSDE through MEdIES co-organized the 5th in the series of Summer Universities entitled “Integrated Management, Sustainable Tourism and Biosphere Reserve (BR) Promotion”, in the newly established Central Balkan BR in Bulgaria. These Summer Universities have been established and co-organized by MIO-ECSDE and UNESCO Regional Bureau of Science and Culture in Europe (Venice Office), supported every time by a different BR or a candidate BR. This time the lead organiser and host partner was the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, with the support and participation of many national stakeholders. The 35 participating young experts, PhD students, and BR staff coming from 15 countries were chosen from 125 applications from all over the world. From 21 to 28 July 2019, in a program combining theoretical sessions, practical work and many visits, the participants were introduced and discussed the future of Biosphere Reserves, while the group work sessions focused on: (A) Communication (B) Youth Involvement (C) Local products / Tourist services (D) ESD.

MIO-ESCDE was represented by Prof. Scoullos and Iro Alampei. Read more here

C. The UNECE Ad Hoc Group meeting for ESD 2030, Nicosia, Cyprus, 27-28 September 2019

MEdIES Coordinator, Prof M Scoullos was invited to participate in the Ad Hoc Group meeting of UNECE for the ESD 2030 Framework that was hosted by the Ministry of Education of Cyprus, in Nicosia, on 27 and 28 September 2019.  Prof Scoullos participated actively and contributed to the discussions about the UNECE’s Post -2019 Implementation framework, in terms of Work Plan and ESD Strategic Planning 2030 and of priority areas for the UNECE, including Quality framework; Whole Institute Approach, and Employment, Innovation, Youth. More information at www.unece.org


2. Material & ICTs

A. Ghajn’s booklets printed and available for visitors!

The four appealing booklets to be handed to the students who visit the National Water Awareness Centre of Malta, the so-called “Għajn Centre” have been produced in English! The booklets are complimenting the four experiential programmes in which the students can take part about: (a) the Water Cycle; (b) Water management in the past; (c) The water systems in Malta; (d) the ‘green’ elements of the Għajn Centre itself. The booklets together with the design of the hands-on educational programmes are the outcome of MEdIES/MIO-ECSDE cooperation with the “Ghajn” / Energy & Water Agency that have started back in 2018 with the development of the interactive video wall games of the Centre. Read more on Ghajn activities here.

B. MEdIES webpage under reconstruction

As you may have noticed, accessibility and browsing options in our webpage (www.medies.net) is limited, since some weeks, now. Very soon we expect to launch the new version of the webpage. Apologies for the inconvenience.


3. Other News

MARLISCO exhibition hosted by the Athens Municipality

The largest Municipality of Greece, the city if Athens, is hosting the MARLISCO Exhibition on Marline Litter from 30 September to 24 October 2019 at Serafion Municipal Centre. The exhibition is visited by schools (morning) and id open to free visitors (afternoon).

In October MEdIES is organizing teachers’ seminars around the marine litter issue and the exhibition. All events are held under the auspices of the City of Athens.


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