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Greek Corner
MEdIES in the GAP Partner Network 1

Neroupoli, the Greek water-city

MARLISCO exhibition


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Dear MEdIES friends,

Please find herewith the No 61 quarterly information e-bulletin of MEdIES.

The MEdIES Secretariat,

Follow us at www.medies.net and also at http://www.facebook.com/MEdIES.net


1. Projects & Events

A. The DIVE IN peer learning training, Athens, 23 - 25 May 2019

B. MEdIES @ the D-NOSES Partners Meeting, Porto, 13 -15 May 2019

C. MEdIES @ the Water Museum Conference, Valencia, 11-14 June 2019

D. 2nd Meeting of the Mediterranean ESD Committee, Heraklion, Crete, 24-26 June 2019

E. New educational project about packaging recycling & marine litter in Greece

F. Confirmed KA1 European Teachers’ Training on Marine Litter Education, Athens, 06-12 October 2019

2. Material & ICTs

A.‘Animation4Water’, Malta & Greece, April-June 2019

B. Water for the City activities continue in Alexandroupolis after the project ended

3. Other News

Announcement: International School on birdwatching & ecotourism, Po Delta BR, 7-11 October 2019

1. Projects & Events

A. The DIVE IN peer learning training Athens, 23 - 25 May 2019

On 23-25 May 25 2019, 20 experts and trainers from Greece, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine, gathered in Athens and exchanged methods, stories, as well as challenges in Inclusion Education they face in their countries and working environments through participating in a series of engaging workshops. The training took place in the framework of the project: “DIVE IN - Mutual skills' building in Diversity, Inclusive pedagogies of trainers”. Empowered by the training, the project partners are currently preparing their Inclusive Education activities at national level. More about DIVE IN: http://www.medies.net/staticpages.asp?aID=1249

B. MEdIES @ the D-NOSES Partners Meeting, Porto, 13-15 May 2019

Vicky Malotidi represented MEdIES in the D-NOSES Partners Meeting in Porto, 13-15 May 2019. The D-NOSES project aims to explore solutions for odour pollution and introduce it in the policy agendas, through Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) as well as an ‘extreme citizen-science’ approach. In the partner’s meeting, MEdIES had the chance to introduce all partners to the draft MOOC, that is under development by MEdIES, on the issue of odour pollution, and collect some first feedback; while early in July, an e-meeting will follow for more discussion and elaboration. More at www.dnoses.eu

C. MEdIES @ the Water Museums Conference, Valencia, 11-14 June 2019

MEdIES participated in the Water Museums Global Network Conference held on 11-14 June 2019, at the University of València (Geography Department). During the Conference several Water Museums from around the world presented their activities on education & awareness raising, while Vicky Malotidi MEdIES Secretariat coordinated the working group on Education & SDGs. This was actually one of the two workshops held; the other focusing on ‘Communication & Media’. MEdIES/MIO-ECSDE participates in the Water Museums Global Network with the HYDRIA Project, while prof. Scoullos is a Board Member of the Network. More at: https://www.watermuseums.net/

D. 2nd Meeting of the Mediterranean ESD Committee, Heraklion, Crete, 24-26 June 2019

The 2nd Meeting of the Mediterranean ESD Committee together with a Regional ESD Workshop took place on 24-26 July 2019 in Crete (Greece). The successful event was organised by MIO-ECSDE and the UNESCO Chair on ESD at the UoA; it was kindly hosted and supported by the Heraklion Development Agency and the Region of Crete, and supported also by the UN Environment/MAP, UfM & the Ministry of Education of Cyprus.

The meeting gathered 80 participants from 20 countries, including Ministries’ representatives, NGOs, as well as representatives of UNESCO, UN Environment/MAP, UNECE, the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and the League of Arab States (LAS). In general, all countries had an important progress to share regarding ESD promotion and mainstreaming in the related policies, agendas and initiatives, at the national level since the 1st Meeting of the Med. ESD Committee, in Nicosia, Cyprus (November 2017). More at http://medies.net/articles.asp?cID=8&aID=1299

E. New education project about recycling & marine litter in Greek islands

Following up on the MEdIES’ activities on Marine Litter Education carried out in Nikaia municipality in Autumn 2018, the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HERRCO) invited MEdIES to submit a proposal for joint educational and awareness actions on marine litter and recycling in three Greek islands. The project was approved and the MEdIES team is currently preparing the pedagogic interventions to be applied in schools of Lefkada, Paros and Rhodes for the next school year.

F. Confirmed KA1 European Teachers’ Training on Marine Litter Education, Athens, 06-12 October 2019

MEdIES offers a series of week-long ESD trainings, for formal and non formal educators, that can be funded by the Erasmus+ Mobility Key Action (KA1). Following the successful training course of 2018, this year the course on Marine Litter Education will be updated and repeated. The course combines short theory sessions and a lot of workshops, largely based on the material "Know, Feel, Act! to Stop Marine Litter". So far, at least 16 applicants have confirmed they have obtained the Erasmus grant, so the course is confirmed. If you are interested and can self-fund your participation we welcome registrations to the course until 06 September here: www.eventora.com/en/Events/2017-training-marine-litter



2. Material & ICTs

A. Animation4Water’, Malta & Greece, April-June 2019

MIO-ECSDE with the collaboration of the University of West Attika (Department of Graphic and Visual Communication) and the support of the Water and Energy Agency (WEA) of Malta developed an Awareness & Educational Programme using short-video animations, the so-called “Animation 4 Water” campaign. The storyboards exhibition as well as the animations were exhibited in Malta on the occasion of the ‘Ghajn Centre Open Week, 24 - 28 April 2019’ reaching a total of 1500 people, including adults and children. Similarly, in Greece the exhibition displays and school interventions reached 773 students and 65 teachers. More at: http://medies.net/articles.asp?cID=8&aID=1301

B. Water for the City activities continue in Alexandroupolis after the project ended!

Early in 2019, and after the project Water for the City had ended, following an initiative of the local ESD responsible officers, the local Natural History Museum of the city of Alexandroupolis (Greece) expressed the interest to run the hands-on water awareness activities developed by MEdIES for a number of visiting classes. The visits were made possible with the support of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis, the Water Service Company, and the supervision of the local ESD officers of Secondary and Primary level. Between March and April 2019 more than 1,600 students from kindergarten and primary level visited the Natural History Museum and were engaged in the hands-on activities of the project! Hopefully, these awareness activities will continue in the future. We invite Greek educators of students aged 10-12 years old to visit the appealing web application of the project and try it out with their students: http://water-polis.gr/




3. Other News

Announcement: International School on birdwatching & ecotourism, Po Delta BR, 7-11 October 2019

The Delta Po Biosphere Reserve in Italy organize the “International School on birdwatching and ecotourism” on 7-11 October 2019, in Comacchio (FE) and the surrounding area. The school will combine lectures and bird watching activities and takes place in a season, when the region is full of migratory birds travelling from Northern Europe to Africa. Read more on the activity and the application process www.medies.net/articles.asp?cID=27&aID=1302

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